CrowdTasker aims to optimise the information collection to enrich the operational picture of first responders by tasking volunteers in the affected area.

Selected volunteers respond to received tasks on their mobile phones and therefore enable an enriched situational awareness overview for crisis managers.


EMES provides a handsome tool for efficient, resource-saving evaluation of EMF exposure.

Evaluation results assure legal security due to the availability and traceability of all exposure data that can be provided by the AUVA and their partners.

Emergency Maps Tools

Emergency Maps Tools is a collaborative crisis mapping tool that enables representation and sharing of available geo-referenced data and information among crisis managers and crisis responders in the field.

Crisis Information System

The web-based Crisis Information System enables efficient geo-referenced document exchange between civil-military stakeholders and the public. Each document collection may be enriched with granular access scopes, pre-defined collection types and assigned to current events.


PrepSurvey is an online survey and assessment tool for societal resilience. It was originally designed to collect and visualise data regarding the preparedness of households in Austria.