The PrepSurvey web platform was designed in cooperation with and developed for the Austrian Red Cross. It was used extensively in the European research project “REcheck” by several Red Cross institutions across the continent.

The primary goal of the PrepSurvey tool is to assess and increase the preparedness and resilience of households. To do so, the tool the definition of coherent content blocks which each contain questions regarding a topic in crisis and disaster preparedness. These building stones can be put together to form questionnaires dynamically and on the go. The questionnaires may then be shared and filled while the gathered data is visualised for the platform owner. The intention behind the tool is to provide trained personnel the option of putting together a questionnaire of pre-defined topics in preparation for visiting a household to discuss, where they discuss and assess resident’s resilience.

To allow for surveying in the field, the platform offers offline capabilities while executing a questionnaire – internet connection is not required while filling a questionnaire. Accordingly, the frontend of PrepSurvey (running questionnaires) is designed to be fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices. PrepSurvey also supports the design of content blocks in multiple languages – the most appropriate language for any user is automatically selected when they start their questionnaire.


Daniel Auferbauer

Research and Further Information