PrepSurvey offers support for the difficult assessment of resilience and vulnerability on any societal level (individual, household, regional).

PrepSurvey provides an innovative approach to this important, yet difficult task in disaster preparation and mitigation, by providing a solution that

  • enables experts to quickly assemble a set of resilience indicators in the form of a questionnaire from pre-defined building blocks
  • supports the execution of resilience assessment based on the selected indicators, on-site or remotely, by any user, without special requirements.
  • offers intuitive web-based interface optimized for mobile screens (execution) and desktops (management and visualisation)
  • allows the assessment and geographic visualisation of calculated risk factors based on received feedbacks aggregated (anonymized) for certain regions.

PrepSurvey bridges the gap between professionals with the know how to select resilience indicators and citizens with local knowledge.


Daniel Auferbauer

Research and Further Information